a story of Culture

Where else would we wear our values but on our sleeves?

Culture is not something an organization can create out of thin air with a magical mission statement. A company's culture is a simple, direct reflection of reality. You are what you are.

We live and breathe these ideals:

Continually evolving and pursuing the next great idea has guided and defined us for over forty years. We're early adopters and game-changers; always ready to question the status quo.

We could have built places where people simply shop for products. But we chose to develop places where people come to connect with each other. Our collective desire for real human connections drives our day-to-day decisions.

We put our hearts into what we do. Everything is more satisfying and fulfilling when you truly care about the outcome.

We've cared about the environment long before it became fashionable. But our notion of responsibility goes far beyond being green or sustainable. We are good stewards of our people by investing in them. We are good stewards of our assets and properties, offering value to the market, and we always seek to serve and enrich local communities. We'll continue to lead the way.

We're big dreamers. But more importantly? We're big doers.

Passion, insight, and innovation will not take us very far if we fail to execute. For years, the secret to EDENS' success has rested on one key factor: we know what it takes to make our ideas happen. Doing is deep in our DNA.

Integrity is an easy word to toss around, and a harder word to practice, because it means doing the right thing—even in the little things. Even when no one else is watching. But just as a retail development is built from many parts, so a company is built by many choices. Integrity is our commitment to making good ones.

For us, intellect is bigger than our big ideas. It's our ability to combine insight, keen judgment, and quickness for an accuracy of thought that makes execution efficient and smart. And so since our founding, we have celebrated the thinking that drives EDENS' success. The people of EDENS are encouraged to explore and grow. After all, our minds hold the future of EDENS.

It takes an entrepreneur to see a need, discover a solution, and gather the drive to execute. It takes a whole company of entrepreneurs to change the way consumers and retailers think about retail development. Entrepreneurship is our legacy, handed down from our founders and cultivated in every employee.


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