a story of Innovation

50 Years of Pursuing Innovation

If you want to stick around for 50 years, you need an innovative spirit.  And that’s what sets EDENS apart from other companies. Our obsession with continually evolving and pursuing the next great idea has both guided and defined EDENS since 1966, when the first EDENS grocery-anchored shopping center opened. Over the years, we have continued to expand and diversify our portfolio, our progress fueled by one thing: an unswerving interest in what connects people to a place.

It’s why we ask: how can our developments further enrich the communities where they are rooted?  It’s why we installed solar panels on the roof of our South Bay center in Boston. They generate the majority of the power needs in the shared spaces, cutting down on the need for less clean energy sources. It’s why many of our parking lots have electric car charging stations. It’s why we have developed a social media team that connects our consumer and retailer through clicks and bricks. 

We aren’t working just to build successful retail.

We’ve formed an integrity-driven, entrepreneurial business model that creates smart growth opportunities for the communities our centers serve. We’re working to engineer an innovative hub of activity, where physical neighborhoods intersect with social networks to fuel retail commerce and deepen connections.

Each one of our centers offers an experience thoughtfully crafted by mixing the best of local merchants with complementary regional and national offerings; a curated collection. We have brought real-time data to our management team. We can deliver the highest levels of achievement with our qualified team, passionate people whose vision isn’t bounded by the typical approach to real estate.

EDENS continually chases new and better solutions. Embracing fresh ideas allows us to foster distinctive intelligence. We always look for more innovative and insightful ways to get the job done.  We’re passionate about enriching our communities by enhancing places and cultivating exciting, new retail experiences. We never settle.


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