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a story of Sustainability

Building a Future that Lasts

Sustainability isn’t a statement— it’s a way of life.

For us, sustainable business practices are simply a natural extension of the stewardship that has defined EDENS for over 40 years.  Stewardship means properly developing and managing resources. As a leader in real estate retail development and ownership, EDENS oversees the ebb and flow of significant resources each day. We’ve always focused on building both a business and a community that lasts for future generations.

But like our company, our commitment to stewardship has only continued to grow and evolve along the journey.

We believe everything we do creates ripples.

So in 2008, we expanded our foundational values by establishing a new focus on sustainability. As the ultimate gatekeeper of hundreds of resources—every single year—we saw an opportunity to make sure the EDENS impact is a meaningful one. Our actions have echoes, their consequences spreading out into the community like sound waves. After careful study, we introduced a holistic sustainability guide that holds our people, retail centers, and corporate offices accountable for the ripples they create. In 2010, we evolved further, rolling out our Sustainable Practice Guide to every retail partner.

We believe we can enrich communities with every decision we make, large or small. In developing a plan, we consider whether to construct new buildings or use existing ones. We make every effort to use local suppliers. We choose sustainable materials and systems such as solar panels, electric car charging stations and remote lighting management. We recycle whenever possible. We use indigenous plants. These choices allow us to enrich our communities. 

We’ve dedicated thousands of hours to training and accrediting our employees in green practices, so they will be equipped to lead sustainable lifestyles at work, at home, and in their community.

The rewards for these decisions are remarkable. Just in the last 18 months, we have reduced our company’s consumption by 18%, saving over 5 million kilowatts of energy and 10 million gallons of water. And our positive impact will continue to spread—our forecast predicts another reduction of 23% over the next 18 months.

We are always evolving sustainably. We know that what we build today is actually about tomorrow. It’s our responsibility and our privilege to lead the way.

Sustainable Practices Guide (3.71 Mb, PDF)

Enriching Communities

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