a story of Excellence

Rising Above

We believed retail could mean more than shopping. We believed retail could transcend the ordinary. We believed retail could enrich communities.

So we built it.

Since 1966, EDENS has been developing retail centers throughout the country. What grounded our success then and what grounds it now is one thing: excellence. For us, excellence isn’t defined by the beautiful centers we develop, or the successful retail relationships we nurture, or even the sales our centers generate. It’s our commitment to rising above, to going beyond what is standard or expected—and that’s where we create truly great places.  

We don’t do anything average.

But, then, it’s hard to be average with a team this passionate about the art of designing retail that connects communities. Retail that transcends the ordinary.

With this focus on excellence, we’ve grown into one of the nation’s premier retail real estate development firms, our investment grade balance sheet is backed by blue chip equity investors and debt providers.   That portfolio of retail centers generates $6.1 billion in sales annually and has created a total of over 35,000 jobs. More than 300,000 square feet of those centers are LEED-certified, with 16 LEED-credited employees to help us plan them.

But, the true story of excellence can’t be measured quantitatively.  Friendships rekindled; marriages proposed; healthy lifestyles explored and communities built and solidified – those are the true stories that happen every day at EDENS centers. 

We could have built places where people stop by to shop. Or, we could build places where people come to connect with each other. So we did.



We believed retail could transcend the ordinary.

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